Hello, I'm David Gochenour. I'm running for State Coordinator Representative for the Northwest/Plains Region.

I have lived in Omaha, Nebraska area for all but a couple months of my life. I'm married and have three children and two grandchildren. :) I started in genealogy in about 2001 after my mother passed away and I realized I didn't know much about my ancestors. It's still quite a thrill to find more relatives.

I've been the County Coordinator for Cass County in Nebraska for nearly 25 years, and the State Coordinator for Nebraska for 3 years.

The NeGenWeb was in a state of disarray when I took over, but thanks to some great county coordinators and volunteers we managed to make it better.

I personally upgraded most of the orphaned counties and designed a new home page for the NeGenWeb Project, hopefully to honor the great work of Connie Snyder and the many volunteers that made the NeGenWeb what it was.

During the Rootsweb outage, when most coordinators did not have an avenue to keep their sites up, I found a progam on the Internet that would extract all of their county files from the Wayback Machine. I emailed instructions to the UsGenWeb State Coordinators and I believe it helped quite a few people get their sites back on-line.

I am a very helpful person and hope to make a difference on the county, state, and representative levels.

I believe the #1 priority of any UsGenWeb site is to provide free access to genealogy information to aid genealogists or those new to genealogy.

If you have any questions, please send me an email to my state coordinator account.